Wild World Photography - Deby Dixon | About

Retired from the conventional job market, I found my passion and energy in nature photography and writing.


In September 2011 I embarked on a solo travel adventure to photograph and spend quality time in national parks. In the process I had the fortunate experiences of volunteering in Yosemite and North Cascades National Parks and have visited many others - Zion, Bryce Canyon, Mt. Rainier, Glacier, Grand Tetons, Joshua Tree and Lassen. My bucket list includes see all of the national parks but, for the moment, my photography and storytelling emphasis is on the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, where I have spent the past 4.5 years.  While I rent a home in Gardiner, at the North Entrance to Yellowstone, I spend much of the summer camping in the parks - my tent becomes my home and it is always a sad day for me when the weather turns too cold, or the campgrounds close, and I return to the world of electricity and plumbing. 


I originally planned to spend 6 months in Yellowstone, learning about the wolves but everything about them so captured me that I could not leave.  I became intrigued with those who love and those who hate the wolves, almost as much as the animals themselves.  And, so I stayed and have fallen more  in love with the park each year.  My explorations have become more in depth and I keep discovering more that intrigues me.


But, while my focus is, and has been, on the wolves, I enjoy nearly everything about the park.  Even the thermals during the quiet days.  I believe that each and every species has its place in the eco-system and that all are equally important.  And, there is nothing like spending quiet time in the back country of Yellowstone - it is truly wild and one never knows what they encounter.  In the park, we see life and death in its truest, most honest form and I feel humbled, every day, to be here.


Welcome to my view of nature.