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Inspired to learn more about wolves and why so many people hated them, I made plans to spend a winter at Yellowstone National Park, where, I was told, wolves were in abundance.


Not long after I arrived in Yellowstone, hunters began targeting and killing many of the favorite wolves of Yellowstone.  This was a hatred beyond my comprehension and I became more determined than ever to learn the truth about the wolves - good, bad or indifferent.


Unfortunately, because the hunters killed some of the park's most visible wolves, the animals were in short supply and gone were the days of a pack of wolves running across Lamar Valley.  As the Winter continued I began to call Lamar the Valley of Death.  Each day I waited with optimism that life would return to the river valley and high hills.  Life came and life went.  And then a few animals stayed and, finally, in late Spring, there were wolves to watch and I could not leave.


I have spent my second Winter in Yellowstone and while there were wolves to be seen the photo ops were few.  My quest to photograph wolves and to continue learning the truth about them goes on and I am not sure when or why it will end.  As I wait, my attention draws to the other animals and I watch them for the perfect photo ops, learning about their habits and personalities in the process.


When I arrived it was as a nature photographer and writer - now I am a wildlife advocate first, who attempts to educate others through my photos and the stories behind them.  This is what I do everyday - take photos, write stories and share them with others.


Welcome to my journey.

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